Monday, November 29, 2010

Palliative Care Professionals Change Through Shared Stories (Research, Hospice Video 2:16)

Never underestimate secondhand life experiences. I know how someone else’s story can grab me by the collar, drag me into a clear day on a stormy night. When writing for others, I have wandered through high weeds of words, while seeking a path of truth behind the noise of my thoughts. True stories sometimes come drenched in life-changing powers. I wish more people would tell and listen to stories the way children do with wide-eyed openness for learning. That’s why I am pleased to report this research about palliative care professionals telling true stories about their work.

Reported in the “Journal of Interprofessional Care,” this research consisted of a series of six interprofessional palliative care meetings held in facilitated small groups. The 28 participants, which included doctors, nurses, social workers, and emergency care practitioners shared stories about their professional experiences. Evaluations of the meetings were done via telephone interviews with 19 of the participants reporting. Findings resulting from their shared discussions included this statement:
“Five months after the end of the course, many participants described changed professional behavior which they believed led to improved patient outcomes.”

Now, that was some great storytelling!

This video titled “A Nurse’s Story About a Soldier” (“A Nurse's Diary” song from the “Civil War” musical) is an example of the kind of story that can motivate others to consider possibilities leading to personal and professional growth:

Frances Shani Parker, Author


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