Sunday, September 4, 2022

Becoming Dead Right in 10 Steps



Life is a journey. Death will come when it comes, no matter how often the topic is avoided, how forcefully technology wrestles it to the ground, or how sincerely pleas for more earthly time are requested. Consider using these ten steps featuring scenic routes on your journey to becoming dead right:

Ten Steps to Becoming Dead Right

1.  Accept death as part of life.

Death will come no matter how often the topic is avoided or how forcefully technology wrestles it to the ground. 

2.  Listen to the Universe.

Some say it’s the Universe. Many use God, Higher Power or other names. If you believe you are part of an infinite enlightenment, be still and listen.

3.  Expect rainbow smiles.

Rainbow smiles are joyous, healing, memorable moments that come more often when anticipated.

4.  Live a healthy lifestyle.

Practice habits of healthy living in all areas of your life.

5.  Be informed and proactive.

Keep abreast of what’s happening in life. When circumstances arise that can benefit from your input, apply what you know.

6.  Do your best.

You can’t solve every problem or be everything to everybody. Do what you can.

7.  Give service to others.

Complement others by fulfilling needs through service. Both server and recipient benefit from this partnership.

8.  Be grateful for blessings.

Blessings come like wondrous celebrations held in your honor. Let appreciation reign!

9.  Put death wishes in writing.

Fulfillment of your end-of-life wishes will often depend on what you discuss and record now. Get medical, financial, and property decisions in order.

10.  Have a dignified death journey.

Breathe in your final phase of life with contentment. Experience a dying process that brings beauty and calm to your personal letting go.

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Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes 

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