Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday End-of-Life Conversations

The holidays often provide opportunities for families and close friends to get together, reminisce, and have a joyful time. But what about happiness in the future? Why not take advantage of this time together to engage in important end-of life conversations that can be crucial later in honoring end-of-life wishes of those you love and yourself.

Engage With Grace is a a movement aimed at promoting these kinds of conversations using the five questions below. They’re not easy questions, but they are important and shouldn’t be ignored. Sometimes we think we know what loved ones want, and we really don’t. Later in life, when several people are involved in making inevitable decisions about life threatening health matters, guessing, confusion, and hurt feelings can easily hinder progress. The key to preventing this negativity is having end-of-life conversations when they can be positive with personal input regarding what loved ones really want. Fortunately, many people actually enjoy discussing their answers with loved ones.

Add new meaning to your holidays by including thoughtful conversations that can improve quality of life. No one knows what the circumstances could be at future family gatherings during a healthcare crisis. You and your loved ones can benefit greatly from answering these questions and implementing the suggestions given. The Caring Connections website has information to help you with your plans. (Click on the questions below to make them larger):

Frances Shani Parker, Author
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  1. I find this advice both helpful and necessary. Thank you

  2. This is really an effective idea to get together with your loved ones on holidays and sharing their views on different topics. By following this procedure everyone will come to know about the thinking of other people in the family which increase the love and happiness in between them.

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