Monday, August 6, 2012

Dementia Quiz: Four Questions (Research, Dementia Adult Daycare Video 2:46)

Can you answer these four questions about dementia? View answers below the dementia daycare video.

1)    Where do most people with dementia die (home or institution)?

2)    Name two illnesses people with dementia usually die from?

3)    What is the second most common form of dementia affecting older adults after Alzheimer’s disease?

4)    Name two reasons dementia daycare is beneficial for caregivers and people with dementia.?

This video titled KRIV 26 - Sheltering Arms for Dementia Patients.flv supports not only people with dementia, but also those with several other impairments. It gives an overview of the kinds of activities that engage participants and improve their quality of life at daycare programs.

Answers (Good luck!):

1)    (Death Location) A widespread myth is that most patients with dementia live and die in nursing homes. Many people think that as the disease progresses, most patients go from home to hospital to a nursing home and stay there, but dementia patients make various transitions in care, following no definite path.

2)    (Death Illnesses) People with dementia, including advanced dementia, usually die from cancer, heart   disease or pneumonia.

3)    (Dementia 2nd) Dementia with Lewy bodies or Lewy body dementia is the second most common form of dementia to affect older adults after Azheimer’s disease.

4)    (Daycare Benefits) Dementia daycare programs allow people with dementia to continue living at home. They provide beneficial individual and group activities and additional support services. Caregivers enjoy having more time for themselves without worrying about loved ones’ safety and quality of life.

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