Monday, January 28, 2013

Doctors’ Burnout, Cremation and a Blog Birthday (Research, Video: .51)

Welcome to my sixth Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog birthday party! Now that you’re here, have some mouth-watering chocolate cake while I tell you about blogging predictions. A fantastic aspect of blogging is predicting which posts will be most popular. I’ve been surprised many times. With thousands of pageviews, these are the top two posts over the past six years:

1) Hospice-Palliative Care Doctors and Burnout (Research, Video 5:48) 

Posted in 2010, this post is by far the most viewed of all. I was particularly attracted to writing it because the research and video concerning doctors’ burnout are eye-openers about their personal career suffering.

If there is any doubt that cremation continues to grow in acceptance in America, this post proves it. Posted in 2010, it continues to receive pageviews regularly.

My goodness! The years keep ending and beginning, and now it's 2013. Blogging is a challenging, rewarding and service-oriented activity for me. A solitary process, it still gives me opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with interesting, like-minded people all over the world. My objectives are to promote more interest in hospice and palliative care, share my personal journey and insights as a hospice volunteer, increase person-centered nursing homes, and improve quality of life for older adults in general.

Thank you for dropping by my blog birthday party and for any other times you have visited this site. Commemorating this milestone with the Happy Birthday song sponsored by the American Cancer Society is singer, actress and spokesperson Jennifer Hudson:

Frances Shani Parker, Author
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