Saturday, November 23, 2013

Long-Living Older Adults: Health and Retirement Research, Video 4:46

Louisiana Hines, America’s oldest African American at age 113, died this year.

If you’re an aging boomer or older, you may have started thinking about your bucket list and your mortality in general. For example, if you buy certain long-term items like beds and appliances, you may think about buying those that will “take you on out.” For some of you, that future time will be much longer than you anticipate. You could belong to a group of older adults who are the exceptionally long-lived. Who are these people living in their late 90's and beyond?

According to research on older Americans, the exceptionally long-lived have these characteristics:

      1) They are relatively healthy and high functioning for most of their lives.
      2) They experience health declines only upon reaching maximum longevity.
      3) Although many individuals reach maximum longevity in a state of poor health and functioning,
  exceptional survivors remain healthy and high-functioning even in very old age.

Is 90 really the new 70? With more and more people living in their 90's, it’s one of the fastest growing age groups. This video introduces you to older adults being photographed and interviewed. Having a ball with life while living in their 90’s, they think getting old is just a state of mind.

Frances Shani Parker, Author
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