Saturday, August 16, 2014

Caregiver Pain Medication Management (Hospice Research, Addiction Video 1:24)

Caregivers of loved ones often feel stress in making decisions about pain medication management, especially when patients are in hospice. While hospice team members support them in their efforts, caregivers are aware of their own lack of experience as they go about implementing what they have been advised to do.

A study of hospice caregiver pain management by146 caregivers revealed the following themes:

    1)    Difficulty with administration of pain medication
    2)    Concerns about side effects of medications
    3)    Insecurity with pain assessment
    4)    Frustrations with communication among healthcare team members
    5)    Memories of unrelieved pain
Research information is important for hospice and other healthcare professionals as they support the management of pain, including emotional pain, of patients and caregiving loved ones as a unit of care. This video titled “Will my loved one become addicted to their pain medications?” explains addiction concerns of caregivers managing pain.

Health care blogs like mine and health care websites can be persuasive. They are used by many to impact the thoughts and actions of others. Is one more persuasive than the other? Here’s what the research says:

Frances Shani Parker, Author
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