Monday, July 25, 2016

Healthcare Stereotypes: Hispanics, American Indians, Others (Research, Video 1:31)

Many research studies indicate that stereotyping patients of various racial-ethnic groups by healthcare professionals contributes to health disparities. Hispanic Americans and American Indians are two examples of groups facing significant disparities. The following research study focused on healthcare stereotypes related to these two groups: 

1) Health-related stereotypes both nursing and medical students hold about Hispanic and American Indian patients
2)  Nursing and medical students' motivation to treat Hispanic and American Indian patients in an unbiased manner
Participants completed a questionnaire assessing their awareness of stereotypes that healthcare professionals associate with Hispanic and American Indian patients. They also completed measures of their own motivation to treat these patient groups in an unbiased manner. 
Even though they were highly motivated to treat Hispanic and American Indian individuals fairly, the majority of participants reported stereotypes associating these patient groups with noncompliance, risky health behavior, and difficulty understanding and/or communicating health-related information. These kinds of negative health-related stereotypes about patient groups have no place in patient-centered healthcare.

Patient-centered healthcare applies to all patients. This video shares patient-centered comments that present various issues encountered by patients and providers in healthcare settings.

Frances Shani Parker, Author
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