Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hospice Mystery Solved By Nurse Assistant (Video Story 5:13)

“Little White Box” is a hospice mystery that has been circulating on the Internet for many years. I first posted this video story by Roger Dean Kiser on my blog back in 2007. Recently, after not seeing the video for several years, I read it again, regenerated the same warm feelings, and decided to repost it.

Sometimes a nursing home patient needs someone to solve a special problem. The urgency becomes especially important when the patient is in hospice care, and death is imminent. Perhaps some of you have been in that position before. I know I have.

Without giving away too much information, I’ll just say the story is about an older woman named Mrs. Mathers. Dying in a nursing home, she keeps saying, “Before I die, my little white box, please.” Unfortunately, no one knows exactly what she means. To her rescue comes a caring and determined nurse assistant who successfully solves the mystery. With Celine Dion’s breathtaking singing in the background, reading this story just might grab the handle of your heart and make you smile (or even laugh) at the surprising conclusion. Happy endings! 

This story reminds me of a hospice mystery in my own life as a hospice volunteer. In my “Christmas in May” story, I helped to locate a missing key for a beautiful “musicless” box. You can read that “other worldly” story here. 

"To the world, you may be one person. But, to one person, you may be the world."        Anonymous

Frances Shani Parker, Author
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