Monday, October 31, 2016

Animal Hospice (Veterinary Research, Video: 3:25)

Life is a journey. Death comes when it comes. Our animal friends are no exceptions. That’s why veterinary hospice is welcomed by many loved ones for their pets during their end-of-life journeys. Interest in hospice care for animals continues to increase. Unfortunately, research confirms that there is still a lack of veterinary hospice and palliative care research to guide more clinicians in this field. More contributions from veterinary institutions are needed to further progress in veterinary hospice.

Like humans, animals also experience a need for pain reduction and anxiety during this time. Having a veterinarian’s involvement can rule out any health issues that may not be diagnosed. Comfortable surroundings, assistance with possible mobility, and incontinence issues are also important considerations. It may be necessary to observe and record changes in a pet’s behavior that cause concern. As with humans, various ways of coping with grief should also be explored. In this video, Dr. Dani is featured in a home hospice visit for a sweet dog named Fiona.

Frances Shani Parker, Author
Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes is available in paperback and e-book editions in America and other countries at online and offline booksellers.

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