Monday, March 19, 2018

Aging in the City (Happiness Research, Video 8:48)

Do you live in a large city? Do you know what it’s like to age there in terms of health and happiness? Research indicates that there is definitely a connection. And, if you live your entire life in a major city, there are effects across your lifespan.

This study examined effects of city life on happiness. Participants included 5000 adults aged 25-85 years old. They reported their happiness levels and evaluated their city along place and performance dimensions. What do the findings suggest regarding city living and happiness over a lifespan?

1)  The happiness of younger residents is a function of having easy access to cultural, shopping, transport, parks, schools, sport amenities and the attractiveness of their cities.
2)  The happiness of older residents is associated more with the provision of quality governmental services that help them age in place. 
3)  Health and social connections are strongly linked to happiness for all residents.
In order to meet general needs of all ages living in the city, the findings above must be addressed when city living is planned. The video below shares examples of positive aspects of good city living for older adult New Yorkers.


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