Monday, August 6, 2018

Spirituality in the Illness Room (Research, Video 10:02)

When illnesses come, especially life-threatening ones like cancer and heart disease, many people rely on the support and comfort from sources in addition to medical healthcare. Coping skills related to spirituality with a Higher Power writing prescriptions empower many patients with a layer of strength to face each day with renewed joy in knowing their spirits are reinforced.

Research also confirms this additional patient empowerment. Spirituality research interviews were done with 10 cardiac survivors and 9 cancer survivors. Participants responded regarding how their life-transforming change occurred in the context of their life-threatening illness. Spirituality, meaning, and purpose were explained in several contexts such as connecting with family and friends, nature, art, music, and sometimes creating a relationship with God. These connections were how they coped with their illnesses.

Healthcare workers and other caregivers can create better plans of encouragement for patients when they understand and support the importance of spirituality in many people’s lives. These plans can include support groups for them that involve yoga, meditation, nature, music, prayer, or referral to spiritual or religious counselors.

The following video features a gospel song titled “Come on in the Room” sung by the Georgia Mass Choir founded by Rev. Milton Biggham. Reflecting the times and the power of spirituality, this church presentation is shared by the pastor and congregation in the context of a compelling story the pastor tells. The song lyrics are written below if you want to join in the joy. Welcome, the service has started. Come on in the room.

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Come on in the Room

Chorus 1

Come on in the room.
Come on in the room.
Jesus is my doctor,
and He writes out all my prescriptions.
He gives me all my medicine in my room.

Chorus 2

There is joy, joy in the room.
Joy in the room.
Jesus is my doctor,
and He writes out all my prescriptions.
He gives me all of my medicine in my room.

Chorus 3

Joy in my room.
Joy in my room.
Jesus will meet you.
The Holy Ghost will greet you.
Joy, unspeakable joy in my room.

Frances Shani Parker, Author
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