Monday, September 17, 2018

Aging: How old are you really? (Research, Video 2:48)

Do you only think of aging as lost youth, or do you think of it more as new opportunities for growth in another phase of your life? Several research studies show the way we feel about aging affects how we live our lives. Stop worrying about your age or other people’s ages. Don’t believe stereotypes about how people should look or act at a certain age.

Ask me how many hard lessons I learned, how many times I overcame, how much music spoke to my soul, how many words lifted me higher, how many people loved me back, how many mornings I woke up grateful. That’s how old I am. 

About the process of aging, people of all ages have worries. A study about worries of various ages concluded the highest degree of worry includes future financial security and memory loss. Surprisingly, however, most Americans are optimistic about aging, especially older adults who have learned resilience through their years of living life.

Aging is a fascinating process. The following video includes 10 interesting facts about aging that may surprise you.

Frances Shani Parker, Author
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  1. This is a complex subject. I don't know whether I am just fortunate or doing something right by looking at what I can still do and what I could be doing, rather than dreading some age-related or health-related limitations.

  2. Dave, I think you are both fortunate and doing something right in your positive outlook on aging. But I know too many people who are still embracing the ageism stereotypes they learned in childhood. Some people over 80 say their age and wait for me to say they look good for their age. When I don't say it, they ask. Others seem compelled to tell me all the health problems to expect, as if everyone will experience them. Older adults are too often their own worst enemy. When public opinion is added, the ageism gets worse. We can all do better. Happy endings, Dave.