Monday, November 26, 2018

Grant Writers and Researchers (Research, Video 2:22)

Early Career Grant Writers and Researchers

I have been attracted to research most of my life. I like the credibility it can add, the focus on detail, the high discovery possibility of the undiscovered that research brings to a given topic. But the playing field of grant writing and research has changed through the years. Junior tenure-track faculty who have embraced this field are reporting high levels of stress and low satisfaction. Some have even considered quitting. 

Data from a program evaluation of an interdisciplinary research mentoring program in an academic medical center reflects this. View this surveyed research about adults considering quitting research: Mentees were asked if they had considered quitting research in the past year. There were 39 out of 44 mentees who answered the question with 17 (44%) answering in the affirmative. Factors associated with thinking about quitting included lower confidence in research skills, reduced job satisfaction, and higher levels of burnout.

Early career researchers are encouraged to develop habits and skills that keep them excited, curious, successful and, of course, employed. This video titled “Seven Habits of Successful Early Career Researchers” can help them through the maze of collaboration, research skills, and academic publishing.

Frances Shani Parker, Author
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