Monday, February 11, 2019

Older Adult Sex Lives (Senior Sex Research, Video 4:07)

What percentage of older adults between the ages of 65-80 do you think are sexually active? Would you say 20%, 40%, 60% or 80%? If you said 40%, you would be correct. In addition, nearly 2% of individuals in that age range have a romantic partner and 54% are sexually active. Some may find that surprising. This information resulted from research done by the National Poll on Healthy Aging sponsored by AARP and Michigan Medicine, the University of Michigan academic medical center. The survey included responses from 1,002 people from ages 65 to 80.

Other older adult sexual information from the survey revealed that, although 62% of responders said they would consult a doctor if they were having a problem with their sexual health, only 17 % had done so in the previous two years. When sexual matters were discussed, patients, not the doctors, usually initiated the discussion. Healthcare providers should be more vigilant about initiating sexual health discussions with their older adult patients. Sexual intimacy is all part of patient-centered care and improving quality of life.

What do older adults have to say about their own sex lives? In this video clip  from the Jimmy Kimmel Live television show, older adults share their sex secrets at the LA Farmers Market. (Oh, the roads I must travel in the interest of research!)


Frances Shani Parker, Author
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  1. Like the man said, a nice smile is a turn-on or at least a good beginning. This clip certainly got some smiles from me.

  2. Dave, several people have told me that they appreciated reading information in this post and enjoyed the video.