Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friendship, Marriage, Dementia: A Love Story (Video 4:41 mins.)

A great love story should be shared. This true story started 87 years ago, but its significance reigns eternal. George and Adriana Cuevas met as children with trillions of dreams and no certainties about their futures. Distance sat between them for 15 long years. But they continued as pen pals until love brought them back together like inseparable magnets. Marriage and children followed with lots of reasons for George and Adriana to cherish their mutual joy while stringing memories together. Then dementia came with many challenges. Some parts of love are too magnificent to explain, especially “When The Mind Says Goodbye.” 

Frances Shani Parker, Author


  1. A wonderful video. Thank you for sharing this story.

    Gerry Fioriglio RN

  2. Great video, great story to watch at this valentines time of year. I also posted video on my Nursing Home Culture Change Blog

    The more exposure the better!!

    Tony Sexton
    Midwest Senior Advocacy

  3. Tiffany Mikles, Dementia Care CoachingMarch 04, 2010

    A strong, sweet love through the disease.