Saturday, June 28, 2014

Older Adult Gun Ownership and Healthcare (Research, Video 2:39)

Guess who has the highest rate of gun ownership in America? It’s people over the age of 65. Is this a problem? After all, shouldn’t they be safe and able to protect themselves? Yes, they should, but this can be a problem for several reasons because those over age 65 also have the highest prevalence of depression and suicide. In addition, the numbers of grandparents serving as parents and babysitters to children are increasing. There is also dementia, another serious risk factor with guns in the home.

What can healthcare professionals do to assist older adults regarding gun ownership concerns? They should first ask if the older adult has a gun. If the person does have a gun, the healthcare professional should be knowledgeable about safe gun ownership and advise the patient. A good way to remember the important aspects of ownership is the 5 L’s (Locked, Loaded, Little Children, Feeling Low, and Learned Owner).

The following video on gun safety is presented by the Sacramento Police Department:

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