Saturday, June 21, 2014

Volunteer Management: Assignments, Opportunities (Research, Video 3:05)

Managing volunteers can be a consuming job with many issues to be considered. In addition to ongoing recruitment and retention of a workforce, managers have to deal with reaching outcomes of the organization and the community. What do healthcare volunteer managers think are their greatest challenges and opportunities? A research study with volunteer managers from 105 hospitals in five states had these survey-response results:

1   1) Primary assignments are volunteer recruitment and retention, administrative issues, and operational difficulties brought about by the current economic crisis.
     2) Key opportunities include more explicitly linking the volunteer function to hospital outcomes and community impact, and expanding volunteer recruitment pools, roles, and jobs. Other opportunities include developing organizational support for volunteers and making the volunteer management function more efficient and effective.
In this video, Shirley Buchanen, Hospice Palliative Care Volunteer Programs Coordinator, shares her management experiences at Central Okanagan Hospice House in Canada.


Frances Shani Parker, Author
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