Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Home Funeral (Video 4:17)

Participation in death-ritual arrangements at home was therapeutic years ago and can still provide supportive closure and comfort. After a death took place, the body of the deceased was prepared at home for viewing. Mourners came to pay their respects, console the family, and offer other forms of assistance. The family appreciated this outpouring of support from the community. After the funeral, the body was buried.

Returning to past traditions such as home funerals is another death ritual option that can be considered by families when a loved one dies. Saying final goodbyes may be more appropriate for them in a death ritual celebrated at home. Most states allow home funerals as long as legal documentation related to claiming the body and arrangements for burial or cremation are handled appropriately.

For those who feel the need for more assistance, a home funeral can be done with help from a funeral home providing a la carte services such as transporting the body to a cemetery. In addition to saving thousands of dollars, some families want to have more control over how the deceased is cared for after death. Many people view a personalized home funeral as an extension of hospice care they provided a loved one at home.

This video titled Home Funerals is an introduction to the dignified death ritual process creating an alternative for family and friends to unfasten their earthly connections with loved ones who die. Comments are especially welcome from those who have participated in home funerals.

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